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Hollis Office Solutions has specialised in the the provision and servicing of photocopiers, digital photocopiers, now multifunctional printers (MFPs) for over 30 years.  Few other companies have the experience that Hollis brings to the provision of managed print services.

We cater for companies of every size, from sole traders to multi-million pound international organisations.  If you have a need for printing, copying and scanning, then we are the people to come to.

ineo+ 250i DF-714 PC-216 studio picture

Develop ineo+ 250i

The excellent ineo+ 250i is our best selling A3 machine, and for good reason; 25 pages per minute, excellent build quality and image quality combined with low running costs and the capability to cope with over 16,000 pages a month.

ineo+ 360i DF-714 PC-216 FS-536SD studio picture Front no Energy Star.jpg

Develop ineo+ 360i

The ineo+ 360 is the faster version of the best-selling ineo+ 250i priniting at 36 pages per minute and capable of handing higher print volumes.

Whether you chose the ineo+ 250i, 300i or 360i, all are available with a whole range of accessories to make your office workload easier.

ineo+ 450i studio picture 02 PC-417 Front.jpg

Develop ineo+ 450i

The ineo+ 450i is built to cope with serious workloads.  Capable of processing 40,000 pages a month, it will chew through office tasks in no time at all.

ineo+ 650i studio picture 10 PC-417 FS-540SD JS-602 Front.jpg

Develop ineo+ 650i

When an ineo+ 450i just isn't enough, there is also the ineo+ 550i and 650i.  All machines in the range have a widfe range of accessories to make office life easier and more efficient.

ineo+ 750i studio picture 07  LU-205 FS-540SD PI-507 WT-519 Front.jpg

Develop ineo+ 750i

The ineo+ 750i is designed with the professional reprographics workload in mind.  At home in prtint rooms and reprographics departments, the ineo+ 750i combines outstanding print quality with excellent reliability.

ineo+ 750i location picture_EM2_8283.jpg

Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance contracts are recomended for all A3 printers.  We offer outstanding service with competative pricing.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that the machines we recomend will be suitable for your needs

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