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Print Devices

Hollis Office Solutions can help organisations of every size to select the most appropriate print device, whether that's a photocopier, desk-top printer or multi-functional printer.  We offer an industry-leading range of products.  Hollis partners with global technology providers such as Develop and Brother because of their exceptional quality and range as well as sharing our commitment to delivering the highest level of customer support

Still spending money on ink?  Laser printers are almost always vastly cheaper to run than inkjets.  Quieter and quicker, upgrade to a Brother or Develop printer now!

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Print costs painfully high?  Printer unreliable?  Changing your pay-as-you-go printer for a high quality Develop printer on a all-inclusive maintenance agreement from Hollis and free your time and funds to focus on your core business.

Whatever the size of your print device, Hollis has one to suite your needs.  Get in in touch now.

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