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Exclusive Services

Hollis Office Solutions has partnered with a major telecoms provider to offer a complete range of office telephony services.

Land Line

Monthly Cost £13.99

Transfer Fee £2.40

New Install Fee £120.00


ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line)

Monthly Cost £23.99

Transfer Fee £13.20

New Install Fee £48.00


VDSL (Fiber to the Cabinet)

Monthly cost £36.00

Transfer Fee £13.20

New Intall Fee £48.00


FTTP (Fiber to the Premisis)

FTTP 40:10 £46.00 per month

FTTP 80:20 £47.50 per month

FTTP 160:30 £46.00 per month

FTTP 330:50 £46.00 per month

New Install Fee £100.00

Let's Work Together

Prices correct at time of publishing November 2021

Services subject to terms and conditions

Minimum term of 12 months applies to all services

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