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We’re experts in office technology and printing is our speciality. We provide a comprehensive range of office printers that deliver cost effective and efficient printing for home offices, small and medium enterprises.

With over 25 years of experience, we help you to select the most appropriate printing, copying, scanning and fax solution for your organisation. We provide a range of industry-leading multifunctional printers and digital photocopiers from our supply partners: Develop and Kyocera. We choose to work with these suppliers because of their exceptional quality and range of products; as well as their commitment to customer support.

Key Benefits

We offer flexibility in your choice of device. Devices can be specified in different sizes from the desktop printer to large freestanding units that provide a centralised office solution. We even offer bespoke and adaptable managed service contracts to fit your business.

Our printers can be integrated with your IT network giving you the option of document storage. Some of our models are multifunctional printers providing printing, scanning, photocopying and faxing from a single machine.

Depending on your choice of model, we can provide professional finishing functions including:

  • Duplexing
  • Stapling
  • Hole-punching
  • Offset modes; and
  • Booklet creation

Our printers include enhanced security functionality, providing authentication and encryption.

Some of our centralised office solutions let us know when your device is low on consumables, removing the burden of your staff placing orders or you can visit our online store.

Our in-house Support Team is always on hand to offer support and maintenance should you require it.

Desktop Printer

With impressive quality and high flexibility, the ineo+ 3100P is the perfect desktop printer. Its compact and lightweight design makes this perfect for personal use or for the small office.

The ineo+ 3100P offers optional integration into device monitoring systems and the possibility to set up IC cards; making this device suitable for every office demand. Environmentally friendly, the low energy consumption (especially in sleep mode) and additional features helps you save resources.


  • Print up to 31 ppm A4 with a lot of printing functions in colour
  • Embedded controller with 1.066 GHz (Standard)
  • Standard: 350 sheets, max 850 sheets
  • 250 sheet cassette
  • 100 sheet bypass for plain paper, recycling paper, labels, thick paper, glossy paper and envelopes
  • 250 sheet cassette
  • 100 sheet bypass for standard paper, envelopes, and thick paper
  • Paper Size: A6 – A4
  • Paperweight: 60 – 210 g/m²
  • Duplex print

Our Best Value Printer

The ineo+ 3110 multifunctional printer is a small but powerful device. This MFP allows for printing, scanning and copying in one tiny eco-friendly package.

This printer can streamline the office workflow with standard duplex scanning with Scan-to-Email/file transfer protocol (FTP)/server message block (SMB) and USB distribution. The perfect solution for archiving and enhancing office efficiency; it has low energy consumption especially while in sleep mode, reducing the cost of powering this printer.

The ineo+ 3110 even has secure printing and secure networking communication to prevent business critical information from falling into the wrong hands.


  • Copy and print up to 31 pages per minute (ppm) A4
  • Scan up to 30 images per minute (ipm) in colour and black and white
  • Optional fax with Super-G3-Fax for fast transmission and digital reception
  • Embedded controller with 1.066GHz (Standard)
  • Standard: 350 sheets, max 850 sheets
  • 250 sheet cassette
  • 100 sheet bypass for standard paper, envelopes, and thick paper
  • Paper Size: A6 – A4
  • Paperweight: 60 – 210 g/m²
  • Duplex print
  • Electronic sorting

Ideal for the Small Office

The ineo+ 227 is as simple to use as a smartphone. The seven inch touchscreen is intuitive to use, letting you navigate easily through all functions. You can print from anywhere at anytime thanks to the mobile technology incorporated into this printer, giving you the option to print important documents on the go.

The green technologies lower power consumption allowing you to save costs while reducing environmental impact. You can even avoid having to pay external printshop prices. With the versatile fishing options you can do almost any print job in-house. The ineo+ 227 offers stapling, punching, letter folding of up to three sheets per letter and even booklets.


  • Comprehensive range of security features
  • Outstanding eco performance
  • Copy and print speed of up to 22ppm A4
  • Copy and print speed of up to 14ppm A3
  • Scanning of up to 14 opm
  • Fax with Super G3 fax option for fast transmission and digital reception, polling, time shift, PC Fax, receipt to confidential box, receipt to e-mail, FTP, SMB
  • Embedded controller with 1.2GHz (SoC architecture)
  • Standard 1,100 sheets, max 3,600 sheets
  • 500 sheet universal cassette
    • Paper size: A5 – A4
    • Paperweight: 60 – 256g/sqm
  • 500 sheet universal cassette
    • Paper size: A5 – A3
    • Paperweight: 60 – 256g/sqm
  • 100 sheet bypass
    • Paper size: A6 – A3
    • Paperweight: 60 – 256g/sqm
  • Inner finisher with 50-sheet multi-position stapling; maximum stacking capacity 500 sheets; optional punch kit (2/4 holes)
  • Floortype finisher with 50-sheet stapling; maximum stacking capacity 3,300 sheets in inner tray; optional punch kit (2/4 holes)
  • Floortype finisher with booklet function and 5-sheet stapling; maximum stacking capacity 3,300 sheets in inner tray; optional punch kit (2/4 holes)

Perfect for Schools

With the ineo remove care feature, the ineo+ 754e can be monitored by us. A multi-functional printer, it will let us know when you are low on consumables so you don’t have to, saving you time and effort.

As a hub for your document workflow, the ineo+ 754e integrates solutions that help to optimise your work processes. The conver+share scans can be delivered in the desired format to the desired destination. The store+find feature ensures documents can be located quickly ending time wasting searches.

This multifunctional printer is certified to ISO 15408 EAL 3, the highest standard for multifunctional systems. With security features such as hard disk encryption, automated data erasure and TSL, SSL and IPsec encryption standards, any sensitive data is protected.


  • Customisable capacitive touch screen display
  • High speed scanning system with 180 opm
  • Outstanding colour quality, economical black and white
  • Economical and flexible
  • Sophisticated finishing functions
  • Copy and print up to 60/75 ppm A4 and up to 30/33 ppm A3 in colour or black and white
  • Fax with Super-G3-Fax option for fast transmission and digital reception, Polling, time shift, PC-fax, Receipt to confidential box, Receipt to email, FTP, SMB
  • Embedded controller with 1.2GHz
  • Optional: Fiery controller IC-412 with 2.6GHz
  • 3,650 sheets, maximum 6,650 sheets
  • 2 x 500 sheets universal cassettes
    • Paper size: A5 – SRA3
    • Paperweight: 52 – 256 g/m2
  • 150 sheet bypass for standard paper, envelopes, OHP, thick paper
    • Paper size: A6 – SRA3
    • Paperweight: 52 – 300 g/m2
  • 1,000 sheets and 1,500 sheet cassettes for standard paper
    • Size of paper: A4
    • Paperweight: 52 – 256 g/m2
  • Booklet finisher for 60 or 80 pages brochures
  • Optional for 50 sheet finisher: punch kit (4-hole), job separator
  • Optional for 100 sheets finisher: punch kit (2/4 hole), post insertion unit, z-fold and punch unit, job seperator