Privacy Policy

Who we are
Hollis Office Solutions and Hollis Technology are trading names of The Hollis Office Supply Company Ltd, a Private Limited Company, Company No: 02516558 ; we are a well-established company that has an outstanding reputation for trustworthiness amongst our customers.

Purpose of Statement
This Privacy Statement has been created in order to demonstrate the company’s commitment to the protection of your data and to be transparent in how we deal with it.

Types of data we collect
We keep contact details of individuals for the purpose of contacting them in relation to their business.
We also keep financial transactional data in relation to individuals, emails, records of emails and records of telephone calls made.
Where a customer opts to acquire equipment on a lease, and the leasing company requires information such as details of individual’s dates of birth, gender, marital status, then we will collect and pass on such information on their behalf, but we do not keep a record of such data on our own systems.
All of the personal data we collect is collected through contact with the business that the individual is connected with.

What we do with your data
The company will process your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018.
We only trade with other businesses, so all the data we hold on individuals is solely used for the purpose of carrying out business that those individuals are engaged in. Therefore, our legal justification for collecting and processing this data is “legitimate interest”.
We only keep individual’s contact information for the purposes of contacting them in relation to their work. For example, work telephone number and email address.
All of the personal data we keep is encrypted and backed up regularly, so you can be sure it’s safe.
We do not share your data with any other organisations except where we collect data in relation to organising finance on behalf of a customer.

Access to your information
You can ask for the details of your personal information that we hold at any time during normal office hours and usually we will be able to tell you straight away. Similarly, if you need any corrections, then these can usually be done on the day you contact us.
You can ask for a copy of the personal information we hold at any time and we will endeavor to provide you with it in reasonable time in a format of your choosing.
Contacting us about Data Protection:
If you have any questions about this policy or for more information about how we use your data or would like to exercise any of your rights you can contact our Data Protection Officer at:
Hollis House
Maesbury Road
SY10 8NR
You may contact us by e-mail at
You may call us at 01691 655244.
This privacy policy was published on 28th of November 2018.