The reason that we are asking this question is that over 70% of hacks/data breaches are through an exploited vulnerability with in a website or web application.

We partner with an industry leading Web application vulnerability scanning tool called Appcheck to help our customers with this problem.

Appcheck is a market leading Cloud, Automated, Website / App and External Infrastructure scanner built by a team of UK based CHECK and Crest accredited Penetration Testers. They currently have a portfolio of large Blue Chip Companies that they provide this service to, including the likes of Skype, Splunk, Capita, Iceland, WHSmiths and many more. They have uncovered various new vulnerabilities in App’s such as in Ebay for example. They were also the first to write plug-ins for exploits such as Shell Shock and HeartBleed.

By using a regular vulnerability scanning tool you can seriously mitigate the risk of a vulnerability been exploited as you will be getting to the route cause and (hopefully) fixing it!

Attached is an example report and by the end of the trial you will be able to download one based on your website.

If you would like a FREE TRIAL of Appcheck please get in touch on 01691 655244 or email

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