IP Telephony

IP Telephony

IP Telephony

Hollis Office Solutions provide hosted PBX solutions (IP Telephony) that give any size of business advanced telephony features, the agility to meet demand and ensure customer satisfaction whilst driving employee productivity.

From SMB’s to larger enterprises, all can benefit from adopting our industry leading IP Telephony solution. It includes useful functionality including call recording, call monitoring, conferencing and interactive voice response (IVR) as well as a fax to email service where needed.

IP Telephony provides many advantages over traditional on-site telephone systems. It provides organisations with the agility to respond swiftly to business demands with the flexibility to scale up or down as required, increasing both efficiency and productivity. The Hollis hosted telephony solution also helps to reduce call costs with lower monthly charges.

Further cost savings can be achieved as there are no hardware requirements other than a choice of soft or hardware phones.

The Hollis hosted telephony solution can be used by organisations with multiple locations to easily connect all sites and offices.  Calls between the different locations are free and it is quick and easy to transfer calls from one site to another.

Call Queues and IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Never lose a customer call due to a busy tone again. The Hollis hosted telephony solution allows incoming calls to be queued during busy periods and provides IVR-based menus to help them to easily navigate your business without losing patience or interest. This improves the Customer Experience (CEX) at every touch point.

Call Recording

Call recording is a low cost add-on to the Hollis hosted telephony solution. Recordings are accessible via a web browser and can be replayed online or downloaded to your computer. Hollis can also assist in applications when recordings need to be stored for extended periods of time for compliance.

Call Monitoring

This allows managers and supervisors to monitor the performance of staff anywhere on the network. It helps determine training requirements and effectively address issues on the fly.

Conferencing Service

Conference calls are easy to set up using the intuitive web application. The many configurable options include the ability to set secure access PINs, instigate call recording and assign full or listen-only participation.


The Hollis hosted telephony solution can integrate with many 3rd party applications including CRM systems.


Every Hollis hosted telephony solution is supplied with a fully inclusive support service.

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