IP Surveillance

Physical Security with Hollis Office Solutions

When success depends on a crystal-clear view of a moment in time, the last thing you want is poorly recorded CCTV footage that fails to identify who, what, where and when. That’s why we offer IP Surveillance solutions from D-Link to help you protect your premises.

Why IP Surveillance?

Traditionally, CCTV has been an analogue system. Unfortunately, pre-internet CCTV footage can be grainy, insecure and time consuming to retrieve.

The “IP” in IP Surveillance stands for Internet Protocol, recordings are in HD providing crystal clear images. As a digital solution, IP Cameras distribute recorded footage over a network which only authorised personnel can access.

IP Surveillance offers a more intelligent and manageable solution for your company’s safety and security.

IP Surveillance with D-Link

We’ve partnered with D-Link to bring our customers the best in IP Surveillance. With 30 years in the industry, D-Link creates end-to-end surveillance solutions making installation simpler, safer and less expensive. Our D-Link surveillance cameras support PoE allowing for single cable deployment. Combine this with a D-Link smart PoE switch and you can monitor and control your power remotely.