Counterfeit imaging supplies are proven to cause downtime and damage to printing devices …

What are the biggest problems associated with using counterfeit supplies?


For its contract customers, Hollis only ever buys genuine toner sourced directly from the manufacturer in the UK.  However, we regularly come across machines that have been damaged (often beyond economic repair) by the end user using compatible toner.  The following extracts highlight the importance of sourcing printer supplies from reputable suppliers:

“For the end-user, counterfeit imaging supplies are proven to cause downtime and damage to printing devices. However, ultimately counterfeiting is illegal and is thought to be connected with more sinister criminal activities.”

“Counterfeit imaging supplies are often dangerous, environmentally unfriendly and cheat consumers of the quality they are entitled to expect from branded consumables. The counterfeiters will be involved in areas such as people smuggling, drug trafficking and organised crime.”

“Talking with our customers and re-sellers, the most common complaints we hear include streaky grey backgrounds, drop off, uneven print quality and even ghosting on the page (bits of the previous page making an unwelcome appearance).”

“More serious, and costly, is the risk to devices. Non-genuine toner or ink can damage good-quality printing products and reduce the overall yield of a machine. This means that the total cost of ownership goes up, offsetting any short-term benefis from cheap toner. In addition, the manufacturer’s warranty could be invalidated, meaning that if a machine breaks, which it may well do if counterfeit consumables are used, there’s no comeback

Extracts taken from The fight against counterfeiters – Print IT Reseller Magazine

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